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Long overdue updating is now complere, and there's scads of new stuff available at both my Etsy store, and the WCC website.

Etsy has been updated with brand new polymer clay jewelry!! You can only find these on Etsy, as well as my witches' ladders. Stop on by and have a look!


And as always, you can find my other pieces at the website:

The Bracelets and Earrings sections have had a much needed overhaul, and there's 14 new necklaces to be found!

Have a sneak peek:

Thanks for visiting!
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At the moment, the sun seems to be six inches from the top of my head; it's damn hot. It's gorgeous out there - bright fields of ripe wheat and canola flowers, towering orange lilies, scarlet dragonflies darting around water, brilliant greens and blue sky - but I am a pale northern creature, alas, and I cannot tolerate the kiss of our daystar for long.

I've seen my 'Wheel of the Year Mandala' painting being reposted ALL over pagan Tumblrs - I am somewhat dismayed that it was not credited to me or even my DeviantArt account. If you've got a Tumblr (and I don't), I'd appreciate it if someone can mention this.

I retrieved the borrowed camera I so thoughtfully forgot at solstice over the weekend; I will be replacing photos of my current posts shortly. This is a good thing. And this also means new items at both my Etsy and my website (FINALLY) in the near future.

In the meantime, I go back to hiding in my dark little cave, hoping the sun moves a little farther away.

Jul. 4th, 2011 02:32 pm
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Well, hopefully my computer 'drama' is done for a while.

This new machine I named the 'Great Smials', after the location in Tuckborough, in the Shire. I have a feeling that if I were a hobbit, I'd have been a Took, so the Great Place of the Tooks is fine with me.

It probably sounds ridiculous, but I -do not- like this machine. It's new and shiny and fast...and doesn't seem to want to do anything it's asked to. I've reinstalled some things two or three times now. I'm actually sick of this thing and don't want to look at it any more - but I still haven't ACTUALLY gotten to play any of my games yet. Still installing things. :\

Machines have personalities...
My former machine, box (who was further resurrected as 'necrobox') was a cheerful, fun little thing. It wasn't always the best, but it tried. I loved that computer. This one is...cold. And uncooperative. And rather arrogant. But at least it works. The first motherboard didn't, and that turned into a highway trip with broken A/C in 35 C. heat for almost 4 frikkin' hours on Saturday.

So. I'm here again. Watching installers. Woo.

Jun. 30th, 2011 08:54 pm
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so. i am offline currently, until we sort out this motherboard-graphics card song and dance. I also seem to have gotten sick last weekend; allergies masked the symptoms quite well until I got home.

this whole week is fired.

i'll be back, eventually.

Jun. 25th, 2011 03:50 pm
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I've ended up borrowing a camera for the summer. I'm pretty happy about that, since I do like to take pictures.

Today, I figured I'd get a shot of the four red flowers a-bloom on my bedraggled rose out front. And what does it do? It's -pouring- rain. Figures. But it's Summer Solstice, after all. I'm not allowed to have sun at Solstice. Fire, btw, also refuses to light things for me on Solstice. I am the anti-pyro. LOL

But I nabbed a few shots of things through the windows, even though I generally hate doing that. I hope it stops soon and I can get some outside.

Edit: I braved a bit of skywater to nab some photos. Woo!

Jun. 10th, 2011 02:32 pm
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And...I've updated my DA, at least.

I will be replacing every single last one of the photos taken with this camera, when I can. I am SO bitter about how crappy they look.


I won't be using shots like those for my business, that's for sure. I am not pleased that I'll have to leave off getting things back in gear, but I can't have shite pictures for my websites.
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So...I've mentioned a few times my frustrations with my new camera. I've tried everything I can, gone through manuals, tutorials...anything I could find to try to help.

Turns out it's not just me, as I'd sort of assumed. The camera itself is just pretty much cheap crap. You get what you get, when you shoot indoors. It adds a load of pixellated noise to -everything-, no matter what I do. The end result is that I cannot take a nice clear focused shot of jewelry - period.

Even as a casual camera, it's sort of useless. Indoors, you can't get a clear, focused shot in decent light unless the flash is on, and then the colour and background are ruined. Action shots? Forget about it.Even with the VR on, it's impossible to avoid it looking like a Picasso light painting, unless it's on a tripod. Which sort of ruins the notion of spontaneous photography.

Outdoors is better...but I can't be spending all my time praying for good weather to shoot my jewelry outside, or expect all the things I'd want to photograph to happen outdoors. Really...at this point I can't honestly expect any sort of focused clarity. It just doesn't capture anything sharply.

I maybe should have guessed when I kept trying the macro filter, and it just produces out-of-focus shots of things that should be super clear.


I've worked up some decent things, but I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing. I want to throw the damn thing in the lake - I am deeply offended by how terrible it is. I -really- miss my old camera. I guess it's time to see if I can get it repaired.


Jun. 3rd, 2011 02:19 pm
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Since Canada Post has effectively stopped taking mail, and is on strike, I've closed my website and my Etsy store until such time as the strike is over and mail is reliable again. It's unfortunate, and I really hope this doesn't last long - this is my sole source of income.

On the upside, I might get my site updated with the mountain of new things I have made, before the strike ends. Here's hoping!

Sorry for any inconvenience.


May. 17th, 2011 01:28 pm
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Is there some weird astrological event or something I've missed?

In the last week, three people I haven't spoken to in over a year emailed me, each saying they shouldn't have let it go so long.

Normally I get spam, advertisements, and email from my Mother. That's about it.


Mar. 17th, 2011 11:00 pm
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the crows that chased each other all day brought me thunderstorms tonight. rare for march, but beautiful all the same. sadly my brain doesn't seem to appreciate the weather as much as my eyes. oh well.

Feb. 18th, 2011 09:24 pm
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our pleasant sunny afternoon became a cold, howling night blowing huge flakes of slashing ice crystals out of the northwest. it is beautiful, in its' own way - the Storm Moon is living up to its' name, at least.

i think i will observe with a candle or two tonight, and be grateful to be indoors making incense.
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I've been busy beading - I have a ton of new witches' ladders made, and I've put them all up for sale in my Etsy store.

Maybe one of them is for you? Gotta have a look to find out!

Take a sneak peak! )


Thanks for looking!

Jan. 20th, 2011 01:30 pm
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I've been trying for three days to get decent pictures of these witches' ladders. My new camera has been trial and error and trying to get my hands steady enough to take a decent shot. It's super-sensitive compared to my old one, AND it's so small I have a hard time holding onto it sometimes. <_>;; I think I've got most of my issues sorted, though.

I tend to make witches' ladders when I've built up a lot of odds and ends. So these are what came from digging around in my bead boxes and finding some interesting things to play with. There's quite the mix here. Some are very plain, and others feel more ornate. I have -no- idea what to do with them at this point - I usually only give these as gifts, and I don't know if I could sell them.

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I've been up since 3:40 AM, and I'm awake and writing coherently. This is patently not good.

Day 25 – A first )

25. Favoured ritual/magical tools, and why )

Edit (2:09 PM) -
ew. nothing like not sleeping, then catching a nap, and then waking up with your second migraine in a week. This one is at least being different - it's all in the left side of my head, and not the right side like last time. Interesting side note: apparently if it's in my left side, I'll want to throw up, but not when it's on my right side.