Apr. 2nd, 2012 03:53 pm
witchscauldron: (Earth)
[personal profile] witchscauldron
Yesterday was an awful day inside my head. But a small thing:

Yesterday my cats managed to corral a mouse they'd been hunting into the tiny space between my bookshelf and my water cooler. It couldn't go anywhere else but plastered itself, face down, against the wall while they hovered. It looked and acted like it was in shock, shivering and glazed.

I managed to get the mouse out of that space, pulled it gently forward with the loop handle of my flyswatter and into a small cardboard box. I let it go outside, someplace sheltered from the spitting rain.

When I opened the box on a tuft of grass, the mouse sort of tumbled out and blinked for a moment. It looked up at me, as if to say 'Really?', then toddled off underneath the decking.

My cats still haven't forgiven me, but that's ok.
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One day you’ll walk the world
and keep in mind
The heart you’ve been given
in winter time
And through the bitter cold,
with opened eyes
You’ll find the strength to fight
and stand upright