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I've moved.

As much as I have enjoyed Livejournal over the nearly 10 years I have blogged there, this latest round of change ending in the new comments page have been the tipping point.

It's ugly, it's slow, it bogs the whole site down, and it was completely unnecessary. They got rid of comment subject lines, the preview function, the spellchecker...and the whole design was only tested on the Russian side. Mind you, the Russians didn't like it much either, but the designer pretty much stated that since he liked it, he didn't care if anyone else did.

It's been a long time since I paid for my LJ. But I don't want to support that level of indifference to your users, even for free. And it's getting pretty sparse population-wise. Only a handful of my LJ friends are still active there.

So here I am, [personal profile] witchscauldron at Dreamwidth. It isn't perfect, but it's pretty much the way I prefer my blogging platform - functional and simple. From here on out, I'm planning to write here, and cross-post my entries to Livejournal. So if you're already a DW user, let me know so I can start building my circle. And if you're an LJ user, no worries - you'll still see my posts.
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One day you’ll walk the world
and keep in mind
The heart you’ve been given
in winter time
And through the bitter cold,
with opened eyes
You’ll find the strength to fight
and stand upright