Feb. 20th, 2013

witchscauldron: (WCC)

I grew up surrounded by people who made things with their hands. My family also greatly loves and values nature and outdoor life. In particular, my grandfather carved decoys for a living. My upbringing was full of wildlife, and colour, and beautiful handcrafts.

My grandfather also cast his own pewter. Some of my favorite memories of childhood are of his little smelter in the basement, and running my hands through the steel polishing beads in his tumbling machine. He made pewter miniatures of birds and other things, as well as pieces for jewelry.

Although he is long since retired and his workshop gone, I am lucky enough to own what remains of his pewter. They are unique pieces, the very last of them, and they are far too much for me to hoard or use for myself in this lifetime. So I want to share them with people who will appreciate their beauty, the love of nature that inspired them, and the sentiment I attach to them.

If you are interested, further information about these commissions is available here:

witchscauldron: (WCC)
A few new selections available at the website!


Always a wide selection of unique handcrafted jewelry available! Thanks for looking. :)
One day you’ll walk the world
and keep in mind
The heart you’ve been given
in winter time
And through the bitter cold,
with opened eyes
You’ll find the strength to fight
and stand upright